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The Demchuk Story

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The Demchuk Story by LR Mark Hall, Demchuk Family History

This painting is one of two private commissions I completed late in 2010. The “Demchuk Story” was an interesting challenge from several aspects. First, the painting was created on an antique metal carpenters saw. Secondly, the painting needed to capture a sense of the family’s founding story on a relatively small “canvas” area. Third, I wanted it to have the look and feel of the old sepia coloured photographs and lastly, it was a a real challenge having "people" rather than wildlife subjects to create a likeness of.

The collage covers several decades of the Demchuk family history after their immigration to Canada and represents the founding parents efforts to earn a living off the land as well as raise a large family through the 1920’s and 30’s. The actual saw that this painting was done on was hand made by Semko Demchuk, the man in the suit on the right side of the painting.  This touch added a deeper connection for the owners of the painting because of all the hand tools Semko made and used to build a future for his family - this saw is the only remaining one of his handmade tools that the family still has.  

For me, the time working on the painting was a time of great reflection and learning. Using old family photos and a family history manuscript I learned a lot about my own roots. Semko Demchuk was also my great grandfather.

Original Details:
Availablilty: SOLD! Dimesions: 27" x 7 1/2" Medium: Acrylic on Metal Price: $NA