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An English Countryside Walk to Bettyfold

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An English Countryside Walk to Bettyfold by LR Mark Hall, English Countryside

This painting is one of two private commissions I completed late in 2010. This was an exciting painting to work on even though the theme differs from the wildlife and habitat subjects I normally focus on.

Genus loci is ancient Roman meaning “Spirit” or “Sense of Place”. The emotional connection the owner’s have to this painting originates from their vacation in England. The beauty and strong sense of Genus loci at this countryside setting was one of their strongest defining moments while visiting the English countryside.  Being able to capture that sense of place for them was the most rewarding part of this project.

From an artistic perspective the contrast of the soft and billowing shapes of the trees as well as the sheep's fuzzy bodies when compared to the solid hardness of the stone buildings and paddock fence creates a subtle tension in this pastoral setting. The low angle of the sun creates an interesting play of light and shadow helping to define the rolling nature of the landscape. The setting also seems to invoke a sense of curiosity as you can’t help but wonder what is inside the building, what lies beyond the house in the next paddock and what lies in the distant valley.  A setting that invites visitors to explore beyond the immediate foreground is certainly a setting with strong a sense of place.  

Original Details:
Availablilty: SOLD! Dimesions: 14" x 11" Medium: Acrylic on Hardboard Price: $NA