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LR Mark Hall

My art is about telling a visual story – a story of some brief moment in time gleaned from the goings on of the natural world. Intriguing moments in nature are often fleeting and diminish quickly as conditions change.  I love to capture these interesting little moments and highlight the relationships between an animal and the habitat or conditions that it was interacting with.

My wildlife "subjects" often give context to the ecological or biological themes that underpin each of my art works.  Because of this approach, the wildlife subjects in my paintings are often subordinate to the environment in which they live – as they are in nature.

I let my experiences of observing free wild animals in their natural habitats guide the themes for each painting.  My work reflects the ecosystems and wildlife that I have the deepest understanding of and connection to. This approach ensures that the context of each picture is truthful and real.

I love the earthy colours in nature and the moods created by subdued lighting conditions, thus many of my paintings are dominated by earthy colours, muted tones and non direct light sources.  Because nature is complex and detailed, I also like to create enough fine detail in my paintings to emulate the real world; however, since nature is also abstract and randomly arranged, I like for you to also to see some individual abstract brush strokes.

Making art helps me to maintain a "connectedness" with the natural world when I cannot be immersed in it.  I hope to enhance people's understanding, appreciation and ability to enjoy the natural world through communicating deeper ecological themes in my work. As my art hangs in the homes of others, I hope that it will provide them with feelings of connectedness when they cannot be out enjoying nature firsthand.

LR Mark Hall

Mark is a Canadian artist living in the rural community of Jaffray which is situated along the western slopes of the Rocky Mountains in southern British Columbia, Canada.